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Hot Gossip is pleased to announce that Elizabeth Bennet and her new
co-anchor already seem to be getting along splendidly: our Hot Gossip
journalist was roaming the hallways of our network, and found them lying
on top of each other in front of the elevator. Indeed! But you didn't hear
that from me.

hiLA's hippest talk show host Carrie Bingham is planning an interview with
the hottest thing in town, Henry Crawford, who has been suffering from
amnesia ever since he had an accident on the way to the set of his latest
movie. It has to be said, though, that Henry does not looking upon her plans
with a very friendly eye.

That, I am afraid, was all we from Hot Gossip have to offer for this episode,
but be sure to check back in time to see what might be happening in the
third episode!