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Part One: mansfield.wav (570 kB)
Part Two : mansfield2.wav (632 kB)
Part Three : mansfield3.wav (304 kB)

The first thing we see/hear is a boy calling out for a Miss Fanny Price. She answers, coming out of her house in Portsmouth, and the boy is delivering a surprise--a bunch of fireworks on a cart that he lights for her--another kid to the left (appears to me) as if he has a lute, like he'll serenade her after the beginning fireworks display. Presumably, I guess this is from Henry Crawford.

Then, we get to see some shots of the Mansfield countryside, and finally the house itself, Mansfield Park. The next stuff is we see Little Fanny Price hopping into a carriage to go to live at the estate, and her family waving hello. We next see Fanny being inspected by Sir Thomas and Mrs. Norris; and she is alone in the hall and the door closes behind her. Next, Sir Thomas is talking to Maria and Julia about what to expect from Fanny and her upbringing with Mrs. Norris right behind him, and Lady B and Pug in the background.

We then see Little Fanny standing in her attic room, surveying the area, and then we see a grown Fanny standing in her place. There's a quick shot of her in the drawing room, sitting down with Sir Thomas, Lady Bertram, Mrs. Norris and Mary Crawford, then we shoot to a head shot of her riding, then she's in the inner court of the place, chasing Edmund Bertram. We get a shot of a disheveled Fanny Price kissing Edmund. and then her talking with her sister Susan about Henry. ("What's he like?" "A rake." "Yes, please!", with a wicked grin) We then see Fanny dancing with Henry, and then a close-up on his georgeous, BLOND and curly-haired self as he says: "Fanny, you have created sensations which my heart has never known before!" followed by Sir Thomas talking with Fanny about Henry's proposal.

Next, we see Fanny on the street, talking with Susan.

"I cannot agree to marry him."

"Are you certain?"

"I have no talent for certainty."

Followed by Fanny looking out the window, where Henry (at night) is on the lawn, bowing at her, then obviously him while he is proposing to her, then a shot of her grinning at Edmund, both on horses.

We see Henry and Fanny at the dockyard at Portsmouth, and when he talks about Edmund, ("He's a fine man, he is to be married to my sister." there's a shot of Edmund sitting down at a table, with Mary coming up behind him, running her hands over his shoulders. Sir Thomas is then talking with Edmund alone together about . . . someone . . . then, Fanny starting to cry outside, with Edmund next to her (although all we see is his backside), and Edmund saying to her, while inside, his line ("You would be the making of him") As he speaks, we make a transition to a lonely Henry Crawford standing outside, staring at the camera. She replies to Sir Thomas about Henry, then Sir Thomas then lectures her about her refusal. We see a shot of her walking near a window, the camera being outside the house at night. Next, as Fanny speaks, we see her at Portsmouth, talking to Henry; as he speaks, the camera shifts to him. After his line (a very fierce "Doubt me?!" Scary!) , we see a shot of Fanny standing outside the Price house, watching Henry as he storms away; he smashes up some flowers that he has carried to her in his hand that probably have been refused.

During the exciting musical interlude, we see shots of Edmund being led away by Mary Crawford, Fanny covering her face with her hand, Fanny sitting in a carriage with a troubled Edmund as they ride away from Portsmouth, and he holds her hand, and other things that I can't remember. We then see (as they name the first 4 actors), the kids dancing at the party, focusing on their faces as their names are called, and Sir Thomas talking to Fanny for his shot. When the name of the movie is called, we see the house with "Mansfield Park" superimposed over it. Then, we see Mary standing in front of the pool table, waving her hips seductively, (her brother standing behind her watching,) then we see the other 4 gentlemen reacting in their different ways. Then, we end on a shot of the countryside with the credits superimposed over it all.

Description of the trailer made by Rachel


Here's a complete transcript of the text from the trailer:


Boy : "Miss Fanny Price"

Fanny: "I'm Fanny Price."

Boy: "Are you sure?"

Fanny: "Yes, I'm sure, I'm Fanny Price."

Boy: "Alright then. Stay back."

Soooo-wishh, the sound of fireworks going off.

Narrator: "For the first time in motion picture history, the novel Jane Austen priced above even "Emma" and "Sense and Sensibility", is coming to the big screen."

Little Fanny : "Goodbye Mamma, and you will write to tell me when I am to return?"

Narrator: "It's the tale of a young woman from a poor family, sent to live with her wealthy cousins at their estate, Mansfield Park."

Mrs. Norris: "Now, let us have a look at you. Oh well.... I'm sure you have other qualities."

Sir Thomas: "We must prepare ourselves for some vulgarity of manner. She's not your equal."

Narrator: "The family hopes to ensure her a position in society, but with this spirited heroine, who has her own ideas about love..."

Susan: "What's he like?"

Fanny: "A rake."

Susan: "Oh yes please!"

Narrator: "... it isn't going to be easy."

Henry: "Fanny, you have created sensations which my heart has never known before!"

Sir Thomas: "I am here to inform you that Henry Crawford has asked to take your hand in marriage."

Fanny: "I cannot agree to marry him."

Susan: "Are you certain?"

Fanny: "I have no talent for certainty..."

Narrator: "Now she's caught between the man who loves her desperately..."

Henry: "You are killing me!"

Narrator: "... and the man she desperately loves."

Henry: "He's a fine man, he is to be married to my sister."

Sir Thomas: "You could do worse, Edmund, she's witty and bright. The family is well established."

Edmund: "The Prices?"

Sir Thomas: "The Crawfords, Edmund..."

Edmund: (comforting a crying Fanny) "You would be the making of him."

Fanny: "I do not trust him."

Sir Thomas: "You are, in a wild fit of folly, throwing away from you such an opportunity of being settled in life."

Fanny: "I still doubt you..."

Henry: "Doubt me?!"

Narrator: "Frances O' Connor, Jonny Lee Miller, Alessandro Nivola, Embeth Davidtz and Harold Pinter. Mansfield Park."

Mary: "Which gentleman among you am I to have the pleasure of making love to?"