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Happy Birthday, Marie!
From Rachel


The Fall of the House of Ward

"Put it down, Maria. Put it down!"

A glint came to her formidable eye; she advanced a step farther towards him.

"Why? Are you scared, Paul?" A mad smile slowly gleamed on her face.

Cautiously, Paul took a step back, slowly raising has hands upward. His breathing began to quicken. "Put it down, Maria. You're not going to kill me, but I'd feel much better if you would put that down."

She frowned. "Like hell I will-I'm tired of you being so domineering. I'm not going to let you subjugate me."

His mouth opened wide in outrage, and he spoke hotly, forgetting the butcher knife in Maria's hand. "Subjugate you? No, it's you who subjugate me! You keep bullying me ab